The Newest Book by Programming Legend Charles Petzold



Table of Contents

Part I. Foundations

Chapter 1: This Tomb Holds Diophantus [PDF]

Chapter 2: The Irrational and the Transcendental

Chapter 3: Centuries of Progress

Part II. Computable Numbers

Chapter 4: The Education of Alan Turing

Chapter 5: Machines at Work

Chapter 6: Addition and Multiplication

Chapter 7: Also Known as Subroutines

Chapter 8: Everything is a Number

Chapter 9: The Universal Machine

Chapter 10: Computers and Computability

Chapter 11: Of Machines and Men

Part III. Das Entscheidungsproblem

Chapter 12: Logic and Computability

Chapter 13: Computable Functions

Chapter 14: The Major Proof

Chapter 15: The Lambda Calculus

Chapter 16: Conceiving the Continuum

Part IV. And Beyond

Chapter 17: Is Everything a Turing Machine?

Chapter 18: The Long Sleep of Diophantus

Index [PDF]